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Where Pietrapertosa (Potenza)

Pietrapertosa is the highest cityin Basilicata. Ancient name of the city, "Pietraperciata" (perforated stone), derives from the presence of the hole in a large cliff, visible from inhabited center. Its foundation is uncertain, probably linked to the arrival of Pelasgians in the 8th century BC. Normanno-Sveva descent saw the town become one of Lucania's most important strategic centers, with the construction of a castle with military and sighting functions. Arabata is the oldest district of Pietrapertosa. Its name comes from Arabs who lived in the territory for about fifty years. The ward, at the foot of Castle, is barred from traffic and consists of small farm houses, leaning on the rock, in a labyrinth of narrow streets and stairs, with stables and small gardens: an authentic ancient village, which has come to us unchanged over the centuries. Pietrapertosa is part of Dolomiti Lucane Park, and has taken a strong tourist. Ine in Castelmezzano, it is the station of the so-called "Angle Flight": a flight path of 3,000 mt. (round trip) along two steel cables anchored on the rocky peaks of the valley.

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