Luogo - Castle

Castello di Barolo (Castello Falletti)

Where Piazza Falletti, 1, Barolo (Cuneo)

Falletti Castle, or Barolo Castle, is located in the center of the town. Restored in 2010, it was opened to the public by hosting WiMu - Wine Museum, the most innovative Wine Museum in Italy. The cellars of the castle are now used as Enoteca Regionale del Barolo. The visit to Falletti Castle is concentrated on the first floor: the first room that meets up the staircase is Salone delle Quattro Stagioni, a large and bright room with Empire-style furnishings; from here you can reach Sala degli Stemmi, whose ceiling is decorated with Falletti emblems. Stanza della Marchesa is interesting for the presence of one of the few Empire-style beds visible in Italy. The presence of Silvio Pellico is evidenced by his room, whose painted walls simulate the upholstery effect, and from the Library, contains about 3000 texts from the period between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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