Luogo - Museum


Where VIA DEI MUSEI, SNC, Atri (Teramo)
Situated in the hall behind the building of the Cathedral, round a two-storey cloister, the capitular museum exhibits in ten rooms an important collection of art-objects from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. First and foremost, the series of illuminated incunabula, among which the early fifteenth-century Acquaviva Missal. The painting section contains two elaborate and refined paintings on wood representing the Nativity and Jesus's Flogging, dated to the early sixteenth century and permeated with influences of the school of Bramante and of artists from Urbino. Its attribution is uncertain but the probable author could be the Spanish painter Pedro de Aponte. Venetian and Adriatic culture is undoubtedly present in the big Gothic altar-piece by Giacomo dei Moranzon and in the Sacred Conversation by Antonio Solario. 
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