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Where Via De Litio, SNC, Atri (Teramo)
The Archaeological Capitular Museum occupies the rooms of an eighteenth-century building belonging to Atri's Cathedral, which the Ministry for Arts and Culture has recently restored. The exhibition is set in three rooms. The first one is a tribute to Mr. Vincenzo Rosati, director of the ancient Art and Crafts School of Atri's Orphanage, who devoted himself to archaeological excavations in the area of Atri and in the surroundings and organized the important relics come to light. The exhibition hall contains a big amount of material discovered in Atri, Penne and Arsita (above all jewels and vases of different shapes and for various uses), and in an ancient Italic temple situated in Colle San Giorgio (where the archaeologists found decorative architectural elements such as tiles and covering slabs). The second rooms is centered on Pre-history in the Abruzzi and puts on display reproductions of utensils, hunting tools and various sorts of ceramic ware from the Paleolithic to the early Iron Age. The archaeological evidences in the area of Atri come from excavations carried out in Colle Maralto, which brought to light a settlement occupied from the late Bronze Age to the early Iron Age. The hall is equipped with informative panels containing explanations about the chronological phases and the manufacturing processes. The third room is undoubtedly the most suggestive, since it exhibits two intact graves discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century and burial sets from twenty-two graves dug in the necropolises of Atri, Colle della Giustizia and Pretara in the same period and datable to the VI century B.C.
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