Museo Pericle Fazzini

Piazza Garibaldi, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi, (Perugia)
Pericle Fazzini Museum The Museo Pericle Fazzini is housed near the Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli, in Assisi—one of the most important places associated with the human and spiritual experience of St Francis. The exhibition itinerary is held inside a 17th century building, the Palazzo del Capitano del Perdono, which was re-built following the plan and with the same materials as the more ancient palace, built as ordered by of the Florentine family of the Medici, around the mid-15th century. The Museum, inaugurated in 2006, collects 50 works of art of the artist Pericle Fazzini (Grottammare 1913—Rome 1987). This selection is perfectly fit to provide the visitor with a comprehensive view of his artistic activity: from the 1931 Self-portrait to the 1940-44 Boy with Seagulls—the logo of the museum—to the initial Bozzetto for the Resurrection of Christ, executed during the 1970s as a model for the bronze statue for the Vatican’s Nervi Hall. A 1939 wood sculpture of St Francis Speaks and Caresses the Wolf is dedicated to the figure of St Francis—along with a series of small sculptures, projects, drawings and etchings. The Permanent Exhibition is held on the first floor, in the three rooms and the corridor, while the Temporary Exhibitions are held on the upper floor.

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