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Mostra permanente degli antichi mestieri e della civiltà contadina

Where Loc. Pian della Pieve, 55, Assisi (Perugia)
Permanent Exhibition of Ancient Crafts and Rural Life Born from the passion of the Fortini family for collecting ancient objects—crafts of every kind—the Mostra permanente degli antichi mestieri e della civiltà contadina exhibition features more than three thousand pieces related to the local rural environment. The Museum gathers together objects and tools that are regrouped into thematic sections by typology and destination of use, and that reconstruct aspects of the rural and artisanal world. Through this collection of objects it is possible to revisit the blacksmith, the carpenter, the shoemaker, the cooper and the lumberjack; it is possible to find the re-assembling of the characteristic items of a peasant’s cellar and his kitchen full of furnishing and fittings. There are sections dedicated to weights and measures, to the stables, the work in the fields and loom weaving. The visitor is captured by the authenticity of the reconstruction of an old school room of the early years of the 1900s, with its schoolbags, books, old school desks, inkwells, pens, school reports, toys and so on. The Permanent Exhibition of the Ancient Craft and Peasant Rural Life proposes Guided Visits all year long, and they are for school students of every level and grade. Some reviving representations of art and craft activities are foreseen upon request and weather permitting—activities nowadays disappeared—such as threshing by hand, spinning, winnowing the chaff and other activities once practiced in the countryside.
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