Luogo - Castle

Castello Gambacorta

Where Piazza Umberto I, 1, Ardore (Reggio Calabria)

Castle is located in old town and dates from early seventeenth century. The construction of the Castle is due to Horace Gambacorta, first Duke of Ardore, to accommodate the court and the administration. Also used as a place of defense, the building has a square plant and was once fitted with four cylindrical towers. Today is visible only south tower, overlooking the sea and Zeffirio Cape (ancient port of Locri). Castle, however, remained unfinished: the basement housed the cisterns to collect water, workshops, stables and various rooms; the main floor, developed around central courtyard, included the residence of the Duke, prison and some storage rooms. The rooms were connected by corridors and stairs, while a maze of secret passages led from strategic points. The interior was rich in furnishings and decorated with frescoes.


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