Luogo - Archaeological Area

Villa Romana di Casignana

Where Contrada Palazzi, Casignana (Reggio Calabria)

The most important phase of the Villa, whose original structure dates back to the first century AC, is related to the restructuring of the fourth century. It was discovered in 1963, on the occasion of the works for the construction of an aqueduct and was systematically investigated by Superintendent in the eighties. They emerged rooms with a large private thermae complex, accessible by a portico richly decorated with mosaics, including that of frigidarium ("Room of Nereids") dated to third century. The mosaic, in large white and green tiles, depicts four female figures riding a lion, a bull, a horse and a tiger. The room has an octagonal plant with four-sided apse and two pools for cold water. Calidarium, with heating hypocaust and pipes on the walls, has also octagonal shape and mosaic floor in small pieces. The complex also includes a rectangular room paved with colored marble slabs (opus sectile) and a monumental nymphaeum with pools. Across the road is residential part of Villa, with rooms arranged around a large courtyard and mosaic floors ("Room of Four Seasons" and "Hall with Apse").

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