Luogo - Archaeological Area

Parco Archeologico di Locri Epizefiri

Where Contrada Parapezzi, 30, Locri (Reggio Calabria)

The archaeological site of Locri Epizefiri is located on the Ionian coast, along the route of Highway 106, two miles south of the modern Locri. The large urban area includes over 300 hectares enclosed by Greek walls. Failure to overlap the ancient city of a modern town, it has allowed excellent preservation. The first excavations, by Paolo Orsi, the first Superintendent of Calabria, dating back to the nineteenth century and have unearthed the remains from the Bronze Age and Iron Age, before moving to the Greek city, with its impressive system of delimitation and defense (7,5 Km of walls), the numerous sanctuaries (urban and suburban) and civil buildings (theater, private houses and production buildings), organized according to the town plant in regular blocks, divided by orthogonal streets. Valuable for the understanding of public life the discovery of the famous bronze inscription from the Archive of the Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus; as well as that of a variety of artefacts found in the houses of the neighborhood "Centocamere", linked to religion, art and culture of one of the most important colonies of Magna Grecia. The grave goods are kept at the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria; in the annex local Museum it can still see a big part of the finds. The creation of the Archaeological Park, in 2006, has enabled the creation of reasoned and teaching itineraries aids for a better understanding of the site, equipped as an outdoor museum.

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