Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Mastro

Where Via Brofferio, Gerace (Reggio Calabria)

It was founded in the Norman period (1083-1084) and dedicated to St. Eustratius and Catherine. Archaeological excavations carried out inside the building have uncovered several ossuaries, ceramics for daily use (buckles, buttons, rings and pins) and ritual (reliquaries, rosary beads and a number of bronze medals), as well as stucco of XII century. Adjacent to the main entrance there are the remains of the apse faces east, unused in the change after the passage from Greek to the Latin rite, which took place in 1480. In this period should pick up even the modification of three naves of the Norman period, with a different layout and the creation of the ossuaries. The interior shows plaster polychrome of the twentieth century. The Church was damaged by the earthquake of 1908.

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