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Museo Diocesano

Where Piazza Tribuna, Gerace (Reggio Calabria)

Currently housed in St. Joseph's Chapel, in the Cathedral, it will have to be moved and enriched in the restored rooms of the Episcopal Seminary. The collection includes a large number of furniture and furnishings from the Cathedral and other places of worship and brotherhoods of the diocese. Among the artifacts of relief, the reliquary in gilded silver, precious stones and beads flow Gerace by Bishop Athanasius Calceopoulos in the fourteenth century. Relief, among others, the Goblet of Monsignor Diez de Aux (1726), work of silversmith Sicilian performed filigree and precious stones; the silver bust of St. Veneranda, which is embossed Monogram Gregory Juvarra, and the beautiful silver sculpture of the Immaculate Conception (1772), commissioned by Bishop Scoppa. Century monstrance is rounded Monsignor Pelican, and other furnishings of Neapolitan silversmiths, which Gennaro Pace and Romanelli. The path is enhanced by wooden sculptures, as the eighteenth-century St. Filomena, a valuable ivory Christ and fine vestments.

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