Collegiata di San Biagio (Chiesa Matrice)

Via Indipendenza, Amantea (Cosenza)

Collegiate Church of St. Blaise is the main place of worship in the city of Amantea. Duomo stands on the site formerly occupied by Greek rite church of St. Pantaleo,...

Biblioteca Museo Alessandro Longo

Largo Vittorio Emanuele, 7, Amantea (Cosenza)

Museum dedicated to the musician Alessandro Longo.

Chiesa del Carmine (o di San Rocco)

Corso Umberto I, 59, Amantea (Cosenza)

Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, also known under the invocation of San Rocco, was built in 1685 on the site of a hypothetical pagan temple dedicated to the Sun, it...

Mura di Cinta

Via Indipendenza, Amantea (Cosenza)

Since Middle Ages Amantea was a walled city. Even today they are clearly visible various stretches of walls, within which, until the early nineteenth century, it...

Parco della Grotta

Parco la Grotta, Amantea (Cosenza)

Amantea has been, since Byzantine period, important port on sea route between Naples and Reggio Calabria. Ancient boats or merchant vessels were admitted into the...

Palazzo delle Clarisse

Via Indipendenza, Amantea (Cosenza)

Palace was built in the early seventeenth century as seat of Clarisse Convent and this remained until 1806, when French, as a result of the siege of...

Chiesa di Santa Maria La Pinta (ex Cnvento Cappuccini)

Gradinata Cappuccini, 1, Amantea (Cosenza)

On September 13, 1607, noble Rutilio Cavallo made a donation to Order of Capuchins in a land located on the slopes of the hillock named Alimena, because it was...

Centro storico

Corso Umberto I, Amantea (Cosenza)

Historic Center of Amantea is accessible through the climb steep of Via Cavour, marked by an arch between old houses. Ancient settlement, enclosed in walls, is...

Ex Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi

Via Indipendenza, Amantea (Cosenza)

After the final reconquest of Amantea by Byzantines (1031-1032) was installed on the slopes of the rise of Castle a Basilian community of Greek rite who founded...

Castello di Amantea

Via del Castello, Amantea (Cosenza)

Dominating coastal road that was once an important stronghold under Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Angevins and Aragonese, It was refurbished...

Chiesa di Sant'Elia (o dei Gesuiti)

Via Collegio, Amantea (Cosenza)

St. Elias's Church was built in conjunction with adjacent College of Jesuit Fathers as the residence of local community. The first Jesuits arrived in Amantea...

Scoglio di Coreca

Contrada Coreca, Amantea (Cosenza)

Coreca is located 3 km south of Amantea. Here you can admire one of the most beautiful stretches of coast of Basso Tirreno Cosentino. The reef is composed of a large...


Amantea (Greek: Amanthea) is a town and comune in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region of southern Italy. It is a tourist centre on the southern Tyrrhenian...


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