Luogo - Museum

Museo Civico

Where Piazza Tommaso Campanella, 40, Altomonte (Cosenza)

Civic Museum, opened in 1980, is housed in the cells of the former Dominican Convent (XV century), adjacent to the Church of Our Lady of Consolation. The collection documents the unfolding of the history of Altomonte, from the patronage of its feudal lords and religious order of the Dominicans. The museum consists of two parts: the Medieval and the Dominican. It can admire: the board of Simone Martini (1326) "St. Ladislaus", the board of the "Madonna of Pears" (XIV century), by Paolo Di Ciacio (pupil of Antonello da Messina), the boards of Bernardo Daddi, the paintings of Neapolitan school, vestments and wood carvings. Of particular interest is the collection of illuminated manuscripts, texts of theology, canon law and church history.


From Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm; 3:00/7:00 pm

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