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Archivio-Biblioteca-Museo Civico di Altamura

Where Piazza Zanardelli, 30, Altamura (Bari)
The Archives Library Museum (A.B.M.C) is located on the ground floor of the historic building that houses the High School-Gymnasium "Luca de Samuele Cagnazzi" of Altamura. The idea of creating a major cultural institution in the city was put forward by Count Celio Sabini in a letter dated September 6th 1946, addressed to Prof. Francesco Lospalluto, a professor of Latin and Greek at the local High School and honorary director of the Public Library of Altamura. On 19thOctober 1949 the Archives Library Museum was established as a non-profit organisation with the Presidential Decree from 6th December 1963, recognised by local interest from the Puglia Region with the Decree of the President from the Regional Council on 12th June 1985. The Archives Library Museum (A.B.M.C) was enriched with books, documents, artefacts and archaeological finds, paintings donated by many individuals but also by the Municipality of Altamura who became a perpetual partner with whom the body in 1951 drew up a Convention. Since 1954 it publishes the historical journal "Altamura", which is a useful tool for understanding the region. The A.B.M.C. today is an important and vital cultural garrison serving the city, where students and scholars can find qualified and specialist material for research and analysis
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