Luogo - Historical building

Castello di Calatubo

Where A29 Palermo - Mazara del Vallo, Alcamo (Trapani)

Calatubo Castle (from قلعة اوبي - Qal'at 'Awbi, "tuff earth") is an old fortress that stands near Alcamo, in province of Trapani. The site has very old, with remains of a elimo settlement and necropolis. The origins of Castle date from before 1093, when Count Roger called the boundaries of the diocese of Mazara. In ancient times, around Castle once stood the village of the same name, based on the trade and the export of cereals. Since Medieval times, Castle played an important strategic role as part of the line of towers and forts located along the coast from Palermo to Trapani. The village was abandoned following the conquest by Frederick II and Castle lost its original function, becoming a farm with the addition of warehouses and stables. At the end of the nineteenth century there was produced "Calatubo" wine. Castle remained in good condition until 1968, the year of Belice earthquake. The only viable access is to the west, through a terraced steps ramp. From here you reach a well, a hall-church and other local, reaching the courtyard that communicates with the second walls. In the third it stands an oblong tower and inside the core of Castle, a rectangular structure.

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