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Where Custonaci (Trapani)

Custonaci, located at the eastern end of Gulf of Bonagia, faces north-west on Mediterranean Sea, giving rise to the seaside village of Cornino. On its territory there are Scurati Cavesi, ancient Prehistoric settlement, where for some years "Living Crib of Custonaci" takes place in Christmas period, inside a geological site that is a karstic speleological heritage. Museo Arte e Fede, at Marian Shrine of Maria Santissima di Custonaci, is another interesting place to visit, linked to the local tradition of miraculous painting depicting Madonna and Child. The Sanctuary, in the center of the village, displays the painting of pilgrimages. Custonaci is also known for its important marble extraction activity, in particular of precious "Perlato di Sicilia" marble, light ivory and with pure calcite stains. There are about 200 marble quarries on the territory. Custonaci's marble is also found inside Basilica of San Pietro, Vatican City, and in other monuments of considerable artistic importance.

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