Luogo - Museum

Palazzine razionaliste

Where VIALE MATTEOTTI, 29, Albissola Marina (Savona)

The Museum contains various and important examples of the factory Tullio Mazzotti and artists who have made use of his collaboration. Among the Futurist works, a flower pot in geometric undercoat decoration, some figures for cribs and the "motorato pot", a dish of Alf Gaudenzi, "The footballer," by Mario Anselmo and "Bisbigoncia", by Farfa. Fillia is represented by three extraordinary "Aerovasi", delicate sculptures made by simple penetrated geometric elements, painted with  fading colors. Among the works of the late twenties: "Corbeille", by Bausin Mazzotti and delicate dish "Centouccelli", by Torido Mazzotti, as well as works the result of personal plastic research of one of the greatest Italian sculptors of all time: Arturo Martini. After the Futurism, they arrive in Albisola other great artists: Lucio Fontana, Emilio Scanavino, Aligi Sassu, Agenore Fabbri, Franco Garelli, Aurelio Caminati, Mimmo Rotella, Alessandro Mendini, Giovannino Servettaz ed Enrico Baj.

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