Luogo - Museum

Museo della ceramica Mancio Trucco

Where CORSO FILIPPO FERRARI, 193, Albisola Superiore (Savona)

The Museum, designed in 1928 by architect Mario Labò, already Manlio Trucco's home studio (painter, ceramist and designer, Genoa 1884 - Albisola 1974), houses the "Phoenix" by Arturo Martini and Francesco Messina. The Museum displays ceramics from Albisola from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, pottery decorated in blue monochrome 1700, terracotta decorated with taches noir and yellow engobed, cookware (kitchenware black) and crib figurines. In the lobby, a large ceramic panel by Luzzati, "The Discovery of America"; in two rooms on the top floor, archaeological finds from the Roman era. The Museum collaborates with cultural events organized by the municipalities of Savona and Albissola Marina and associations CCIA, Potters of Albisole and Bagni Marini.

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