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Museo etnografico e dell’acqua Lavandee

Where Via Pulici, 29, Albese con Cassano (Como)

The building that houses the Museum of Ethnography and Water "Lavandee" dates back to 1822. Originally consisting of a downstairs wash porch and primary school on the first floor, fallen into disuse for several decades, when it was chosen in 2004 as the seat of the Museum. The exhibition space is organized on a thematic basis show that the use of water in rural communities, through tools, objects and containers that bear witness to the manual techniques of washing clothes and ladling water, transport and use in the home and in the countryside. Among the most significant is a fire engine from the second half of the nineteenth century, fully functional. The Museum offers several itineraries of historical nature, leading to the discovery of the architecture of the water still present in the area: old fountains, wash houses of irrigation ditch, wells, glaciers, ancient aqueducts and reservoirs, evidence of a reality seemingly distant, but that leads us to reflect on current issues related to the exploitation of this valuable resource.

Museo Etnografico e dell'Acqua Lavandee c
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