Luogo - Architecture

Porta d'ingresso al centro storico

Where Via F. Patella, Agropoli (Salerno)

The Gate has an opening on the right side, arched, open at the beginning of the twentieth century. Among the openings is visible a loophole that allowed the surveillance and defense. The Gate is topped with five battlements, two of which support the same number of stone balls topped by an iron cross indicating the year 1909, in memory of the sacred missions. On top, the marble coat of arms of the Dukes Delli Monti Sanfelice, last feudal owners of the city, topped by a crown and finished with a mask: this is a shield with six grouped geese. The Gate, an integral part of the city walls, is built in local stone and has two arms connected to the Castle and close to the "Rock", natural defense against invaders. The old town is within walking distance along the slope of the characteristic wide and low staircases, whose protective wall is decorated with battlements.

Porta d'ingresso al centro storico c
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