Luogo - Castle

Castello di Verrès

Where Localita La Tour, Verres (Aosta)

Verrès Castle is one of the most famous Medieval castles Aosta Valley and one of the most visited monuments in the region. Built as military fortress by Ibleto of Challant in the fourteenth century, as stated in the inscription above the entrance door, it was one of the first examples of "monobloc castle", that is consists of one building. It is accessible on foot via that climbs along the mountain until you reach the entrance of the city walls. The courtyard is simply square space which leads to the two large halls at the sides. The first floor was reserved for the lords of the manor; the second, not open to officials and guests. Starting from 1949, every year, during Carnival, Castle is recalled the episode during which Caterina di Challant and her husband Pierre descended on the village square and began to dance with the inhabitants of the village. During the four days of Carnival, Castle it hosts dinners and masked balls and the opera "A game of chess", by Giuseppe Giacosa.

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