Luogo - Castle

Castello di Issogne

Where Castello di Issogne, 8-14, Issogne (Aosta)

Already owned by Bishops of Aosta, restored in 1400 by Ibleto of Challant, Castle acquired its present appearance between 1490 and 1510 under George of Challant, who turned it into a sumptuous family home. In 1872 it was bought by artist Vittorio Avondo who restored it and donated it to the State in 1907. Today, Castle belongs to the regional, not far you can still see the ruins of its dove. Inside is a courtyard overlooked by the coats of arms of the Challant family and famous Fountain of the Ppomegranate wrought iron (family symbol). Path to the hall, decorated with lunettes and frescoes depicting scenes from daily life, you come inside. On the ground floor, the dining room, the kitchen and the baronial hall, where you can admire a stone fireplace and murals depicting landscapes, hunting scenes and the "Judgment of Paride"; on the first floor, the chapel, with finely decorated pointed arch vaults, frescoes and a Gothic altar in carved and gilded surmounted by a Flemish triptych, and House of the Countess, with the oratory adorned with paintings; on the second floor, the room known as "King of France", with a coffered ceiling decorated with lilies and a fireplace bearing the shield of Valois dynasty, and the room called "Knights of St. Maurice" with coffered ceiling which It is painted the Cross of the Order.

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