Musei di Palazzo d'Avalos (Museo Archeologico, Museo del Costume Antico, Pinacoteca)

Piazza L. V. Pudente, 1, Vasto, (Chieti)

The Museums of Palazzo d'Avalos are divided into: Archaeological Museum, Art Gallery and Ancient Dresses Museum.Archaeological MuseumFounded in 1849 on the...

Religious building


Via S. Maria Maggiore, Vasto, (Chieti)

Built in the eleventh century, the church was heavily damaged by the Turkish invaders in 1566 and later by a fire in 1645. In the Eighties of the eighteenth century...


Castello Caldoresco

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, Vasto, (Chieti)

Caldoresco Castle was built in 1427 by Giacomo Caldora, who became Marquis of Vasto, on the remains of a previous fortification. Ooriginal phase included a circular...

Religious building

Duomo di Vasto

Piazza L. V. Pudente, Vasto, (Chieti)

Cathedral of Vasto, dedicated to San Giuseppe, preserves ancient church dedicated to Santa Margherita only the facade, with the portal and the fourteenth-century rose...

Historical building

Palazzo d'Avalos

Piazza del Popolo, 6, Vasto, (Chieti)

Residence of Marquises of Vasto until 1806, in 1456 the palace was damaged by an earthquake. On the other hand, in 1552 restorations were ordered by Francesco...

Archaeological Area

Terme di Vasto (antica Histonium)

Via Adriatica, 11, Vasto, (Chieti)

Roman Baths of Vasto, ancient Histonium, are the largest in the entire Adriatic area of ​​central-southern Italy, with an area of ​​around 250 m². The...


Torre di Punta Penna

Via Punta Penna, Vasto, (Chieti)

It stands on a promontory overlooking the port of Vasto. The tower has the shape of a pyramid-shaped trunk with a square base and was built at the behest of the...


Faro di Punta Penna (Faro di Vasto)

Via Punta Penna, Vasto, (Chieti)

Punta Penna Lighthouse, with its 70 meters of height, is the second tallest lighthouse in Italy after Lanterna di Genova. Built in 1906, it has been rebuilt several...

Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria di Pennaluce

Via Punta Penna, Vasto, (Chieti)

The church of Santa Maria di Pennaluce, adjacent to the Lighthouse of Punta Penna, was built in the fifteenth century and rebuilt in Romanesque style in 1887. It has...