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Piazza Ercole

Where Piazza Ercole, 27, Tropea (Vibo Valentia)

Hercules Square named after the legendary founder of Tropea by the hero from Thebes. According to tradition, in fact, Hercules founded the city after the victory over the Giants. The historian Michael Paladini writes: "Tropea was founded by Hercules, with name Portercole. So think Giovio, Coropilata, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Strabo and Pliny. So, before Aeneas had come in Italy to four or five hundred years before Rome". After resting on the rock, Hercules would have given the city the name of Tropea to honor Juno, his nurse: the name "Tropea" in ancient Greek means "nurse". Another version would tend to attribute the name to the "Tropaea", in reference to the trophies places on the cliff by Scipio Africanus after the victory over Carthage, or by Sextus Pompey to celebrate the victory over Caesar Octavian. Hercules Square join together the two main streets, once, they led to the Gates of the City.

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