Luogo - Religious building


Where Terra Nuova, Tossicia (Teramo)
In the quarter called Terra Nuova (New Land), on the top of the built area of the town, there is a little church consecrated to Saint Antony the Abbot, which in the fourteenth-century was certainly adjoined to a Hospitaller center of the order of the hermit Saint. The magnificent portal, carved by a Lombard master named Andrea and dated 1471, is what remains of the stone façade, after the demolition of the belfry that towered over it at the beginning of the last century. Made up of local white stone, it has Romanic forms with concentric arches, but is rich of Renaissance reliefs with angels and festoons. It is surmounted by a spire with Gothic flamboyant leaves, with an angel supporting a coat of arms on the top.
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