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Where Tossicia (Teramo)

The palace is situated in the middle of the town of Tossicia, once the main center of the so called Sicilian Valley, which rises on the ridge of a hill between the torrent of the valley and the river Chiarino. The palace belonged to the Counts Orsini and then, as from the sixteenth century, became the residence of the Marquises Alarçon de Mendoza. The building, which towers over the village, is composed at least of two separate blocks and its present aspect is the result of several adjustments. The oldest parts are testified by the coats of arms of the two families carved on the architraves and on the walls. Partially collapsed on the side that looks over the precipice, on the opposite side it preserves high scarp walls. At present it is the seat of the Town Hall and of the Museum of Craftsmanship.
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