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Parco di sculture di Brufa

Where Località Brufa, Torgiano (Perugia)
Brufa Sculpture Park “Scultori a Brufa” is a Park of sculptures en plain air. It was conceived of in 1987, with the initiative of inviting one sculptor a year to exhibit their work along the roads around the vineyards and the small squares of the village of Brufa, and the buying of a work of art that was specially made for the municipality. Brufa, whose hills are designed by the vineyards of the prestigious Torgianese wine production, dominates the Tiber River Plains towards Assisi and Foligno from the summit of the hill. The town is part of the “Wine and Art” road-itinerary—on the ridge of the hills— going through the towns of Torgiano-Brufa-Miralduolo-Torgiano, the so-called “Strada del Vino e dell’Arte”. In this landscape, majestic sculptures of contemporary artists have been placed; works of artists such as Pierucci, Sforna, Pizzoni, Miniucchi, Giuman, De Felice, Liberatore, Caruso, Sguanci, Mastroianni, Carroli, Lorenzetti, Roca-Rey, Carrino, Giuliani, Marotta, Mattiacci, Staccioli, Trubbiani, Cascella, Magnoni, Brook and Corsucci, which were commissioned by the institutions of Brufa Pro Loco, Torgiano Municipality and the Province of Perugia to create attractive Art-spots for the visitors in the cultivation fields.
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