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Museo della città

Where Piazza Cavour, 3, Bettona (Perugia)
Museum of the Town The Museo della Città overlooks the square of Piazza Cavour, the heart of the town of Bettona. It includes the Archaeological Section, held on the ground floor of Palazzo Biancalana—where there is the Museum entrance—and the Pinacoteca Civica, on the first floor of Palazzo del Podestà. Set up anew in 1996, this Art Gallery occupies the 14th century Palazzo del Podestà—notably remodeled over time and restored in its style in the course of the 20th century—and some rooms of the Biancalana family residence, a 19th century edifice in Neoclassical style. Along the external staircase, the Papal Coats of Arms and the frescoes of the Majesty and Saints and of SS Peter and Paul attest to the long period of subordination of the town to the Papal State. The collection, formed in 1904, mostly with works from State requisitions and local family legacies, includes material of various genres and strictly tied to local history. Among the many works of art it is worth noting the St Anthony of Padua and the Compassionate Madonna with SS Stephen and Jerome and Clients of Pietro Vannucci, called Perugino, the St Michael Archangel of Fiorenzo di Lorenzo, The Adoration of the Shepherds of Dono Doni, the Madonna in Glory and Saints of Jacopo Siculo, the SS Peter and Paul of Giuseppe Ribera, called Spagnoletto, and the glazed terracotta statue of St Anthony of Padua, ascribable to the Della Robbia milieu. The Archaeological Section displays materials of Pre-Roman—Umbrian and Etruscan—and Roman periods coming from the Bettona territory: architectural terracotta, ceramics, inscriptions, urns and funerary stones and a marvelous marble, the Aphrodite Head, sculpture of the mid-Imperial period.
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