Luogo - Museum

Museo della Ferrovia Spoleto-Norcia

Where Via Fratelli Cervi, 10, Spoleto (Perugia)

The first project to build a railway linking Spoleto to Norcia goes back to 1909. The final draft was drawn up by Swiss engineer Erwin Thomann and the inauguration of the railway came in 1926. In 2006 the city of Spoleto has undertaken the work of safety of the disused railway line, turning it into a pedestrian path, expanded in 2014. The building that housed the old railway Spoleto-Norcia, is now the Railway Museum, which displays memorabilia, documents and photographs. Among the most important, you can see a "pattina" the original '20s, a vehicle used to test the rails and verify that the location did not present obstacles. In the room dedicated to Paul Basler, designer and first director of the railway, homes the mobile phone Morse, the numerator for tickets and the tickets themselves.

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