Luogo - Monument

Fontana del Mascherone

Where Via Filippo Brignone, 5, Spoleto (Perugia)

It is against the wall of the former thirteenth-century Church of Saints Simon and Jude. It owes its name to the strange face, traits a little human and a little cat, at the center of a wide newsstands. It is carved in stone and crowned with laurel, it is perhaps a pagan god, and the enormous mouth comes a jet of water that pours into three cascading pools. The shrine at the top of 1736 bears an inscription that recalls a historical event. The overall appearance of the Fountain refers to two different construction periods: the eighteenth-century shrine, with the mask and the smaller pool, perhaps a sarcophagus; and elements of plunder probably belonging to a previous fountain. On the right side it is placed a smaller fountain topped by an inscription of 1642. In 2012 the monument has been completely restored.

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