Luogo - Archaeological Area

Casa Romana

Where Via di Visiale, 22, Spoleto (Perugia)

Roman House, dated the beginning of the first century AD, is a stately home discovered by Giuseppe Sordini in years 1885-1886 and excavated several times until 1914. It is located partly under the Town Hall Square and partly under City Palace, which deals with the foundations. An inscription fragment found in the well of the House did believe that the important domus had belonged to Vespasia Polla, mother of Emperor Vespasian, originally from Norcia. The House remained in use until the early Middle Ages, before being semi probably destroyed by fire. The architectural scheme reflects the classic Roman patrician houses. The location, close to the Forum, and the richness of the decoration, suggest that the owner belonged to the ruling class: the space it is organized as a workplace, open to visitors, spread over a long axis that begins with the input, continues with the atrium and ends with tablinum, the main room of representation. On either side, the secondary environments, but also with interesting mosaic floors. In triclinium still we see fragments of frescoes, while the peristilium remain only some fragments of columns. The whole House was lavishly decorated with mosaics on the floors and in doorways, wall frescoes, stucco elements and elements polychrome terracotta roof. The most important objects found are exposed in some message boards inside the House. Currently, all the floors are in excellent condition.

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