Luogo - Museum

Museo della contrada della Lupa

Where Vallerozzi, 63, Siena

The museum illustrates the history of the district and shall keep the property and the holy vessels of the ancient Compagnia di San Rocco, passed to the contrada of Lupa at the end of the eighteenth century. The museum was recently reorganized and reopened to the public in April 2002 in the historic headquarters are located Representation to the room, the store and the room of monture. Oratory a cycle of frescoes on the life of Job by Bernardino Mei, Rutilius and Sunday Manetti and Astolfo Petrazzi. In the adjacent Chapel, from the sixteenth to the General Meeting of the Contrada, there is a large fresco of Rutilio Manetti of the early seventeenth century. Down in the crypt of the church you enter the Hall of Victory with all Palios won by Contrada, the Hall of Vestments with the old furniture of the Compagnia di San Rocco, the Hall of Armor, the Hall of Monture with a collection of historic costumes the district since 1839, and finally the Hall meetings with all masgalani losers.

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