Luogo - Museum

Collezione delle tavolette di Biccherna e Mostra documentaria

Where Banchi di Sotto, 52, Siena

The museum, which already exists in the second half of the nineteenth century, was reopened in 2004 after renovations of the home. It exposes the complete collection of tablets Biccherna remained in Siena, that covers the records of Biccherna administration, the judiciary's financial Municipality of Siena. Starting from 1257 the covers were made as real paintings made by the most important artists of Siena. Other magistrates of the city of Siena and other municipal authorities did realize tablets similar to those of Biccherna until the mid-eighteenth century. The second section of the museum is made ​​up of the documentary exhibition which displays documents from the eighth century to the nineteenth century (including some beautiful illuminated manuscripts) and the Dante's View with documents relating to the characters of The Divine Comedy.

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