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Centro Storico di Siena (Sito UNESCO)

Where Il Campo, Siena

The Historic Center of Siena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995, thanks to its Medieval features and urban inventiveness, with buildings that form a whole with the surrounding landscape. Bordered by the ancient ramparts, built between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, the streets of the center converge on Piazza del Campo, the beating heart of the city and open-air scenography of famous Palio di Siena. On the square overlook Palazzo Sansedoni, Palazzo Pubblico, Torre del Mangia, 102 meters high, and Chapel of Piazza at its feet. Inside the Medieval walls, 7 km long, they retain their original function of ancient houses-towers, palaces, churches, such as splendid San Domenico and Santa Maria dei Servi, fountains and craft shops. The Historic Center of Siena has maintained its Gothic appearance characterized by the use of architectural element of the so-called "Sienese arch" which, arrived in Europe and in the city from the East, during the Crusades, remained predominant until Renaissance.

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