Point of interest

Piazza del Campo

Piazza Il Campo, 79, Siena

Piazza del Campo is the main square of the city of Siena. Unique for its particular shell shape, it is famous worldwide for being the place of the Palio of Siena....


Museo civico di Siena

del Campo, 1, Siena

Established in the thirties of the twentieth century, the museum bears witness to the history of the City Hall with frescoes that decorate the walls and most of the...


Torre del Mangia

del Campo, 1, Siena

The Torre del Mangia so called because from 1347 to 1360 the City gave this task to Giovanni Balducci nicknamed "Eat" or "Mangiaguadagni" to strike the hours, so...


Museo Santa Maria della Scala

Duomo, 2, Siena

The ancient hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, after completing his medical duties, was used as a cultural functions. Progressively are opening to the public the...

Religious building

Cripta e scale di San Giovanni

Duomo, Siena

In 1999, in a completely unexpected, during restoration work of a church in Via dei Fusari, came to light portions of the paintings on the wall, located in a...

Religious building

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (Duomo di Siena)

del Duomo, Siena

In Romanesque-Gothic style, Cathedral of Siena is one of the most significant Italian cathedrals. The building seems to date back to the mid-twelfth century, settling...


Museo dell'opera della metropolitana di Siena

Duomo, 8, Siena

Established to preserve and exhibit works from the cathedral and removed for various reasons from their original place. Keep a collection of paintings, sculptures,...


Oratorio di San Bernardino e Museo diocesano di arte sacra

S. Francesco, 9, Siena

The origin of the diocesan museum dates back to 1980 When It Was opened the first group exhibition at the Seminary of Montearioso. After 10 years of closure, the...


Collezione delle tavolette di Biccherna e Mostra documentaria

Banchi di Sotto, 52, Siena

The museum, which already exists in the second half of the nineteenth century, was reopened in 2004 after renovations of the home. It exposes the complete collection...

Religious building

Santuario e casa di S. Caterina

Casta S. Antonio, 6, Siena

The Sanctuary of Santa Caterina incorporates the old residence of Benincasa, the birthplace of St. Catherine. The complex is divided into several porches, arcades,...


Museo ed oratorio della nobile contrada dell’Oca

S. Caterina, 66, Siena

Within relevant local historical and architectural interest, the museum collects Palios, silver, paintings, drawings and various objects related to the life of the...

Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Nevi

Montanini, 3a, Siena

Church of harmonious Renaissance style in the top of the via Montanini erected in 1471 on a project by Sebastian Course. The interior is of great simplicity and rigor...