Luogo - Religious building

Cripta e scale di San Giovanni

Where Duomo, Siena

In 1999, in a completely unexpected, during restoration work of a church in Via dei Fusari, came to light portions of the paintings on the wall, located in a compartment below the pulpit of the Cathedral. The work of emptying the new space have richesto about three years and eventually experts from around the world, art historians and archaeologists found themselves faced with a mind-blowing discovery that would have added new important pieces to the history of medieval art. A room completely painted on 180sqm. surface of walls dating from the second half of 1200 Buffered and filled with debris during 1300 and was buried and hidden for about 7 centuries. Exceptional paintings, original colors, subjects and architecture intact so they were brought to light, giving a further testmonianza dela Sienese school in 1200 and its main exponents: 

Guido da Siena, Dietisalvi of Speme, Guido di Graziano, Rinaldo da Siena.

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