The pistachio from Bronte, Siciliy’s "green gold" 

Sicily is a land rich in both history and culture. It is surrounded by a crystal clear sea and adorned with unique architectural beauties which are known throughout the world

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Taking a Vacation in Palermo: history, sea and mystery

Spending your holidays in Palermo means treating yourself to a cosmopolitan experience in a city that is the link between the East and the West, a perfect synthesis...


Let’s take a trip to Scopello to discover the tonnara

La Tonnara di Scopello is one of the most important and most ancient towns located throughout all of Italy and Sicily on the whole. It dates back to the 13th century...

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Hydrofoils to Favignana: prices and timetables

Are you searching for the hydrofoils that reach Favignana - the white island consisting of tuff and a clear blue sea? Below you will find everything that you need to...


A trip to Militello for the Mediterranean Horse Fair 

Every year in Militello located in Val di Catania, an event of great importance is held for fans of the horse racing sector and beyond: the Mediterranean Horse Fair...

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Cefalù, one the most beautiful villages in Italy

The fishing village of Cefalù, located in Madonie Park, is one of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy": the city’s Cathedral, included in the "Arab-Norman...


The typical dishes of Syracuse: what and where to eat

Siracusa is a white pearly destination for tourists from all over the world. Visiting the ancient Sicilian city where natural beauty blends with architectural ones,...


Where and What to eat in Catania 

Catania is an ancient port city found at the foot of Mount Etna. It is rich in history, art and culture. However, it is impossible to visit the wonders of this city...


The Puppet Opera and Sicilian puppeteers

Don't call them puppets! The Sicilian Puppet Theater is more than just a puppet theater: it is con-sidered a UNESCO Intangible Heritage - a true Mediterranean...