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Cetraro, (Cosenza)

Of ancient origins, Cetraro was probably the first maritime Bruzia city. There are several theories on its etymology: the most accepted approaches its name to abundant production of cedars and lemons (citrus from Latin and kitron from...

Point of interest

Torre di Rienzo

Strada Statale 18 Tirrena Inferiore, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

Torre di Rienzo is within coastal defense system against pirate attacks wanted by Viceroy Pedro de Toledo around 1535. Up to 1568 stretch of sea facing Cetraro was manned north by Fella Tower and south by Watchtower, erection...


Museo dei Brettii e del Mare

Piazza Del Popolo, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

Established in December 2011 as an exhibition belonging to the town council, the “Museum of the Bruttians and the Sea” has been created according to a topographic and chronological path. The findings are primarily in relation with the...


Fontana del Nettuno

Piazza del Popolo, 1, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

Located in Piazza del Popolo, the fountain was realized in 1889 by the Engineer Luigi De Seta. The octagonal stone basin is completed with four drinking troughs, decorated with several heads of birds of pray. In the middle, on the top of...

Point of interest

Centro Storico

Piazza del Popolo, 7, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

Cetraro Old Town still retains its original Medieval defensive structure, with houses leaning against each latre, often connected, to draw a maze of narrow alleys overlooking the sea. Some buildings still have characteristic chamfering the...

Historical building

Palazzo del Vicario

Largo Giuseppe Ricucci, 1, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

The building is located in the heart of the old town. Built in 1091, it was the residence of the Vicar, the delegate charged by Montecassino to rule the town. On the ground floor there was the Court, the seat of power of the Vicar, who...

Religious building

Chiesa di San Nicola di Bari

Largo Giuseppe Ricucci, 1, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

Probably built around the IX century, the Church can be considered as one of the oldest edifices in Cetraro. Originally consisting of a single nave, after the building of the adjiacent Palazzo del Vicario,  the church was enlarged on the...

Point of interest

Porto Turistico

Via Porto, 4, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

Located along Tyrrhenian coast, the port of Cetraro consists of a jetty with two arms, which extends to the southeast along almost 450 m; about 160 meters in front starts the Molo Martello, 160 meters long, oriented to the northeast...

Religious building

Chiesa Matrice di San Benedetto

Via Roma, 16, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

The Church was built between 1086 and 1104, at the behest of the Abbey of Montecassino. During the centuries, the original building was enlarged and in 1767-79 it was almost completely rebuilt and decorated with frescoes in the following...

Historical building

Palazzo Giovanni Del Trono

Via Roma, 16, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

Del Trono Palace is located in ancient "Chiazza" neighborhood, which once stretched out from City Walls. It was built at the behest of Giovanni Del Trono, member of one of the oldest and influential families of Cetraro, in 1842. The...


Museo delle Arti e dei Mestieri

Largo San Giuseppe, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

Museum is housed in the premises of an old mill, at the ground floor of Giovanni Del Trono Palace, which are still the millstone animal-drawn and press with twin-screw auger. It consists of a unique exhibition of instruments and...