Luogo - Point of interest

Torre di Rienzo

Where Strada Statale 18 Tirrena Inferiore, Cetraro (Cosenza)

Torre di Rienzo is within coastal defense system against pirate attacks wanted by Viceroy Pedro de Toledo around 1535. Up to 1568 stretch of sea facing Cetraro was manned north by Fella Tower and south by Watchtower, erection of Torre di Rienzo was next to 1619. Initially known as Torre d'Acqua Perropata, because of its proximity to a waterfall, Tower owes its name to its "torriere", Lorenzo Daniele, and overlaid the post in 1668-69. The structure, a square, measuring 10x10x20 and has a hanging shoe. It stands on three floors covered by voult, with internal staircase: warehouses, housings and battery. They were armed by colubrina and two petriere, also equipped by cookers for smoke in case of siege signal. On-call it was made by a corporal and three torrieri. Torre di Rienzo falls specifically so-called "cavallare", no real defense but signaling by mounted guard.

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