Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Matteo

Where Via San Matteo, 201, Scicli (Ragusa)

St. Mattew's Church is located on the hill of the same name, on the ruins of an earlier church building of the early Middle Ages, and is a symbol of the city of Scicli. In 1404 St. William hermit was buried in the Chapel of the Counts of Modica. The current Church is the result of an eighteenth-century reconstruction after the earthquake that struck the Noto Valley in 1693. The building was left abandoned and was subject to rapid deterioration, having been totally covers. In the nineties it was subjected to restoration, with the realization of a reinforced concrete roof in the form of time, however, has determined static problems due to the weight. For its construction was necessary the construction of a terrace, below which was used as a crypt. The plant is a basilica with three naves of five spans, terminating with the transept on the bottom of which there are three rectangular apses. It sets the dome over the presbytery. The bell tower is integrated into the structures of the right transept. The facade of two orders, which remained unfinished, shows the salient features of Sicilian Baroque, especially in alternating columns and wall surfaces continuously.

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