Luogo - Archaeological Area

Tomba dei Giganti di Coddu Vecchiu

Where Strada lu Brandali, Santa Teresa Gallura (Olbia-Tempio)

Picturesque Tomb of Giants of Coddu Vecchiu, one of the best preserved in the area, is situated at the foot of a hilly area. Product of two distinct phases of construction: Middle Bronze Age (1600-1400 BC) was added the portico to a previous megalithic tomb of type gallery, dating back to the Early Bronze Age (1800-1600 BC approximately), thus transforming the structure into a Giant Tomb. Tomb is subdivided in semicircular main front (portico) and burial chamber. The exedra is constituted by a series of stone slabs, it stuck vertically into the ground (orthostats) height and sloping towards the sides, which delimit ceremonial space; at the center stands a large stele (curved at the top), the highest so far discovered in Sardinia (m.4,40). It consists of two overlapping sheets, both decorated with an embossed plate frame, and shows the bottom of a door that opens onto the tomb corridor. All orthostats are supported from behind by a brickwork with arched course, that links ancient portico gallery grave. Burial chamber, rectangular, is internally built with granite blocks knife fixtures; above them posing the rows of blocks which in turn support the slabs of the tomb coverage. A distance of 600 meters separates this monument from nuraghe La Prisgiona to which it is applicable.

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