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Parco Nazionale Alta Murgia

Where Strada Provinciale 39, Ruvo di Puglia (Bari)

Established in 2004, the major attractions in the Park includes Castel del Monte, one of the most famous castles of the entire southern Italy. Of particular interest are the Forest Mercadante, in the territory of Cassano delle Murge; the Pulo of Altamura, the largest sinkhole in the territory; and the Valley of the Dinosaurs. Other places of interest are the Gravine, typical karst landforms of the Murgia, Bosco Difesa Grande, in the territory of Gravina di Puglia, a large forest mass of more than 3000 hectares. Details are "jazzi", rock construction used during periods of transhumance, more frequent in the territory of Andria, Ruvo, Minervino and Spinazzola. The vegetation of the Alta Murgia is a series of rock formations, deep forests and vast stretches steppe. In these rocky grasslands we find trees typical of Mediterranean vegetation. In the Park also harbors a good variety of wildlife, especially small and medium size. The Authority, in collaboration with the Naturalistic Studies Centre is considering the possibility of reintroducing the hen within the territory of the Murgia.

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