Luogo - Museum


Where Via Madonna delle Grazie, 63, Ruvo di Puglia (Bari)
The museum is located in the Dominican Convent built around 1560. The building is strategically located outside the city walls, opposite the most beautiful gate of Ruvo, namely Porta Noè. On 7th August 1809 by decree, like all the other Orders, the Dominicans of Ruvo had to leave their convent. Thereafter, all property was confiscated by the state and not until after some years, the building and the monastic library, went to the City. Later at the request of the Bishop at the time and with the Royal Rescript of 1819, the Piarists took possession of the convent, which was entrusted with the education for the Ruvo youth in particular, young people from rich families. By Law 11/7/1866 the Piarists also had to leave the convent and the Municipality asked the Government to use the structure to establish a gymnasium school. The convent was also made the home of the Technical School and later, the female Elementary School (entrance in via Madonna delle Grazie), the male Primary School and the "Domenico Cotugno" Professional Goodwill for agriculture (entrance in via Madonna delle Grazie). Currently the ground floor houses the “Cantatore” Art Gallery and the first floor is home to the Civic Archaeological Museum.

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