Luogo - Museum

Museo della Civiltà Contadina Terlizzi

Where Viale Pacecco, Terlizzi (Bari)
The Museum of Rural Life was formed thanks to a donation made in 2001 to the City of Terlizzi by the compatriot Damiano Paparella, who collected objects relating to the rustic and traditional life for nearly twenty years with passion and patience, all dating between the end of nineteenth and early twentieth century. The collection consists of about three thousand pieces, which testify the work, habits and traditions of our community. For scholars and researchers, a small "Library-Newspaper Library" was created which houses books, newspapers, magazines, documents, photographs and old records. The exhibition is displayed on the following levels: Country, Daily Life, Work and the Economy, Oil, Wine and the cultivation of fields. The museum also stands in close relation with the educational activities of schools and tries to deepen and realise the link with the territory in which it operates through research and thematic exhibitions, being an impressive and important step in the "Oil Road. Land of Olives" of which it is a part.

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