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Via Cristoforo Colombo, Roma

The EUR, which stands for "Universal Exhibition of Rome", is a urban and architectural complex identifying the thirty-second district of Rome, now called District Europe. Designed in the thirties in anticipation of a Universal Exhibition ever held, the complex houses a few examples of monumental architecture, living with modern buildings built in the following decades. Built by Benito Mussolini, the complex was planned to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the March on Rome, on the occasion of an International Exhibition. The affected area was identified at that time known as "Three Fountains". The project was entrusted to the architects Piacentini and others, then redefined and completed with modern buildings, palaces and congressional buildings sports. The model was inspired, according to the Fascist ideology, to the Classical Roman city, planning with elements of Italian Rationalism. The property is on a system with orthogonal axes and massive squared buildings, mostly built of white marble and travertine, to recall the imperial Rome. The symbol is the so-called Coliseum  Square, the nickname given to the Palace of Italian Civilization. The construction of the district was completed at the Olympic Games in Rome, in 1960, with the Sports Palace designed by Nervi and Piacentini and the Velodrome. Currently the EUR as well as a residential area, is home to public and private offices. It includes a museum area very wide.

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