Giardino degli Aranci - Parco Savello

Viale Nino Manfredi, Roma

The Orange Garden is the name used to describe Savelli Park, on the Aventine Hill, which offers a good view of Rome. The Garden, whose name derives from the characteristic presence of many bitter orange trees, extends into the ancient fort built by the Savelli family between 1285 and 1287, near the St. Sabina's Basilica, on an old castle built by Crescenzi in the tenth century. The current Garden, was built in 1932 by Raffaele De Vico, as a public park: symmetrical setting, with a tree in the median axis with belvedere, called the actor Nino Manfredi, which opens in two squares. The right one is home of the fountain by Giacomo della Porta, leaning in a niche of the wall. The fountain consists of a Roman thermal bath and the monumental marble mask, collected in a large shell. Currently, the Park has three entrances. In 2005 it was made a restoration of vegetation.


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