Luogo - Park

Parco degli Acquedotti

Where Viale Appio Claudio, 115, Roma

Aqueducts Park is the urban green area part of the Regional Appia Antica Park. The name derives from the presence of seven Roman aqueducts: Anio Vetus (underground), Marcia, Tepula, Iulia and Felice (overlapping), Claudio and Anio Novus (overlapping). It is the residue of a stretch of Roman country that originally stretched uninterrupted to the Alban Hills. Today the Park is the frequent destination of visitors who can enjoy ample common trails for walks and rides to walking and cycling. The Park has been used as a movie set for several productions of Italian Neorealism, including "The sweet life", "Mamma Roma", "Marchese del Grillo" and aldo the "Great beauty". In the area there are numerous archaeological remains and the parish St. Polycarp's Church.

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