Museo Venanzo Crocetti c

Museo Venanzo Crocetti

via Cassia, 492, Roma
The Crocetti Museum was opened in 2003 in remembrance and memory of the great artist: it is a large and elegant space that stands in the same place where the artist lived and had his studio - via Cassia 492, in the Nero’s Tomb area. The Museum, which occupies three floors, is part of a complex of buildings that also includes the headquarters of the Venanzo Crocetti Foundation, the atelier of the sculptor and a multi-purpose room where exhibitions of other artists, conventions and concerts, and book presentations are organised. The Crocetti Museum houses the works realised by the sculptor in more than seventy years of creative activity. Among the masterpieces exhibited, worth noting are Il Cavaliere della Pace (1987), a poetic and stylistically perfect work due to its proportions and the sinuosity of its forms; Fanciulla al fiume (1934), a sketch for Saint Peters Gate dated ‘1958; La Maddalena (1973-76), with sensational drapes, the creature in the wind of life; Modella che si riordina i cappelli (1985). The Museum opens with a splendid bronze Gate that arouses a strong emotional impact with its reliefs depicting themes about the work of man, studies, astronomic observations and the arts and trades of man.

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