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Museo della Civiltà Romana

Piazza G. Agnelli, 10, Roma
The Museum of Roman Civilization is now closed - the Planetarium Astronomy Museum - in anticipation of redevelopment work of the building for regulatory compliance.
Interventions aimed at improving a view to a better use of the Museum.
The Museum of Roman Civilization has a peculiar physiognomy in the vast and varied landscape of the Museums of Rome. In fact, the material stored in it - whose current level is the result of a combination of what was collected at the Archaeological Exhibition of 1911, the Museum of the Roman Empire and the Augustan Exhibition of the Roman - consists mostly of reproductions: casts statues, busts, inscriptions, reliefs and parts of buildings in size; plastic reconstruct monuments and architectural complexes of Rome and of the provinces of the Roman Empire; evidence of the so-called "material culture" (furniture, household objects, tools and so on).
 The Museum of Roman Civilization was opened to the public in its present location, on 21 April 1955.

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