Museo Agostinelli c

Museo Agostinelli

The Museo Agostinelli was born from the collection lifelong collector of Domenico Agostinelli, who moved to Rome in 1959. The museum contains 60,000 objects of popular culture divided and classified into four hundred collections, from buttons to that of human teeth, from autographs to that of the quarry boots.
The Museum was inaugurated around the sixties, but officially recognized the local Fine Arts in 1992.Tra only the curiosity of the Museum signal the presence of letters written by Mazzini and Garibaldi addressed, finds the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun and a list of eighteenth-century books put on the Index. Finally, it is worth noting a unique project organized by Agostinelli, or the Box of Time: a set of objects belonging to our contemporary world, such as color televisions, CD players, are collected in a single room that will be opened only in 2050, when the collection for posterity represent a subject of antiquarian study.

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